Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Craft Room

A while back I updated my craft room. The previous owners used it as a girls room - maybe teenager. The room was painted green with a jungle motif. It even had a large tucan bird. It was something. It's really sad that I dont' have a picture because words just can't do this room justice. But, I do have a picture of it now. This past weekend my wonderful husband helped me put up some shelves and a new light. Whew freaking hoo! The light makes it possible to work in there at night - it was just toooo dark before. And the shelves let me keep the desk clean so I actually have some work space. I took this picture before doing my organization overhaul (no, I haven't done an organization overhaul yet, but I plan on doing it along with my spring cleaning). Oh - and my wonderful husband had an amazing idea for my spinnig wheel bobbins. Check it out. You'll probably have to enlarge the picture to see it - it's between the shelves and the bookcase (the black thing on the left).

Anyway - here's the picture:

Monday, February 05, 2007


Back in November I had nasal surgery. I have had reoccuring sinus infections for several years now and finally did something about it. Well, in the winter we use the front window room as our living room because a) on a sunny day this room turns into an oven - good for winter, bad for summer and b) this is where the fire place is. So, after my surgery I had limited movement and was heavily drugged. So, I sat around watching TV all day. Anyone who has ever "tried" to watch tv in a very sunny room can tell you - it sucks. Well, it sucked big time. I was miserable, drugged, in pain and I could barely even see the TV because of all the glare. So out of desparation, I begged for help. I picked out what I wanted online and made a shopping list. My dad (also assigned to "make sure she doesn't do anything stupid on drugs" duty) kindly agreed to make the purchase. Aaron tried to put them up, but this is a big tall room and not for the faint of heart. Of course - I was still on drugs and could do little to help. Even asking me to hold the ladder was sketchy. So our friend, Bryan E., came over and helped. He's got lots of ladder experience, so it was no problem for him. So, three men and two hundred dollars later - I got my blinds. In this picture - it doesn't look like it does much good, but I promise - it does! You can actually watch movies in here now.

Guest Bath

This isn't anything new, I just never posted it. Well, the rug is new. The story of this room (why does every room in our house have to have a story?).... Apparently the previous owner used to enjoy having company and asked her guests to write on the walls - you know "Emily Wuz Here" and such. So, when they got the house ready to sell, they asked some local men from Mexico to paint the walls. When the painters asked what color they preferred, no color was specified. So, they picked green. Not apple green. Not mint green. Not moss green. Mexican flag green. Bright beautiful green, the last color I would ever pick to paint a bathroom, but it was done and that's how it looked when we bought it. If/when you come for a visit you can still find traces of the green poking through around some of the trim. Here's how it looks now (trust me - it's much better). Oh - I also painted the mirror frame, the vanity base and the closet door a shiny black.


Can it be? More pets from our friends Bryan and Patricia? Well, yes, it is. Two pretty little finches named Harry and Sally. And... for those of you interested in getting birds - finches (at least so far) are much less messy than canaries. Shout out to Petey in bird heaven - we miss you, you silly messy bird.

Harry is the one with the orange spots on his cheeks.

Top of the Ridge

Aaron went to the top of the ridge this weekend and I asked him to take some pictures. He's what he came back with. Note that these pictures are taken from our property. It's kind of hard to tell, but there is a really pretty view from up there.

** Note, when I say this is what he brought back - I mean litterally these are the pictures he took. Actually he took another one just like the first one. Three pictures. That's one hell of a climb for three pictures. I do love my silly silly man.