Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New goat Pic

Here's another picture of one of the baby goats. This is the neice of the owner of the surrogate goat mother (or surrogoat as my mother-in-law calls her :-P)

Oh - and the baby goat names are: Don't Smack Em and Smack Em (Smack Em is the smaller of the two).

Plumbing Problems

Oh boy - we have a leak in the hot water line. Ugh. The plumber should be out soon to take a look and give us an estimate. Will keep everyone updated and should eventually have some fun pictures of our concrete slab being excavated.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

We've got kids!

Well, the kids are here at last. Buttercup finally gave up her fat and happy attention getting adventure and released the new kids into the world. There are two boys - they were born Friday, November 18th (just one day after my friends Jeremy & Rebecca gave birth to their son Tommy). Here's a picture to show you why I want a pygmy goat so bad. (now the question is which one or both - I'm hoping for both!)

New Name

Thanks everyone for your votes and ideas, but Straight-Up Acres has taken the cake. Officially it's called "Straight-up Acres Grange". Or SAG - a reference to SxAxGx. (and in case anyone is unsure - Grange is a synonym for Farm)

Other noteworthy names:
Billy Goat Bluff
Fhat Farm
Smartt Haven
Walden Shire
a combination of Ram, Cock, and Ewe used inappropriately but quite amusingly