Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hallway / Laundry Room

The last unpainted paneling in the house is.... finally painted. Whew Hoo!

Aaron thinks this is the most improved room. I think whatever room we did last is the most improved - it's a moving target.

Anyway - what we did was take everything out including the wire shelving, clean, prime and paint the paneling and the cabinets. Then put the stuff back in along with a new-to-us chest freezer and some new plastic baskets.

Here's 6,000 words worth of results:

* the following picture was doctored using a photo editor because it came out way too dark. And you might notice in another picture that there was a flourescent light in the room before (note - it's not there in the after pictures). This just emphasizes the drastic difference in how dark the room was before and how bright it feels now.