Tuesday, December 06, 2005

H2O Anyone?

Ok, so you would think that not having hot water readily available would be enough of a problem to satisfy the laws of Murphy, but alas, they are not. Sunday night our real estate agent called and said that the previous owner received a bill from the water company and if it wasn't paid, it would be shut off. In our frenzied times at work, Aaron and I both forgot to call and pay the bill. So, Monday night - we lost water. All water. No hot, no cold. There was a bucket of water left in the pump to the well, but it was.... disgusting! So, we went to my parents, took showers and filled up some containers with water. Apparently we live in a district where all three of our utilities are paid to different companies, even though when I switched the electric, they told me they handled the water too. Bah humbug. Another $50 in deposits leaving my shrinking bank account.