Thursday, March 23, 2006

Finally.... Some pictures

Here's the front view of the house taken from the front field (where the baby goats live now)

Here's a side view of the front porch and entry. There's a hammock there - I love to lie there in the sun!

And finally a picture from the loft. If you turned to the right you would see the big windows from the first picture. We've now taken out these folding doors on the left and put in nice sheer white curtains that give privacy and allow light. I'll take another picture when the horrible green carpet gets replaced. Hopefully that will happen this summer.

Hallelujah H2O

We have hot water in the kitchen! Whew Hoo!!!

Thanks to American Leak Detection for finding it and Wayne Oldham for doing a great job re-routing the hot water line to the kitchen.

Now, on to more household projects!